SabaVision is a large online ad agency and Vplus, its advertising platform needs a new approach for the new users.
Vplus has been working for 10 years. Redesigning the whole UX and UI with considering the current users’ needs was quite a challenge.
Besides, all the tools, reports and managing features were concentrated on a similar dashboard for both users; the publishers and the advertisers.
So the product had an extremely complicated IA that developed with carelessness for years.
In the first step, we rebuilt the architecture based on benchmarking the competitors and interviewing the stakeholders.
During this user research we also figured out that the dashboards environments were confusing for both sides, because of the similar features and user journey. We implemented unique elements to navigating the users in every important flow.
For the new interface, we wanted to stay loyal to the familiar sense for the users by combining the current brand identity whilst bringing freshness with a new design language.