MeTime App

MeTime is an Online Self-help App and Cosmetics Shop based in Tehran.
MeTime app is designed to help you live better by providing personalized lifestyle routines to follow.


Our hectic lifestyle is affecting how we care about ourselves. Finding simplest solutions for well being has become so difficult that most people cannot afford the time to do that.
With accurate personalization and various types of routines to follow, MeTime app is designed to help users get on top of their well-being. Whether it’s relaxation, skincare or simple helpful habits, MeTime provides tracking and notifying solutions to make it’s rich content interactive and usable.
Visual look & feel of the product was designed in alignment with the brand identity (also Paradigm designed) to reflect a calm, minimal and mostly feminine brand image. Each routine has several attributes that enabled us to create a personalized experience.
As a well-being solution, we made the navigation very simple and put user interactions in the center to make tracking and receiving helpful hints and reminders effortless.