Meco Intercom App

Meco GmbH’s Dr. Holzner app is a communication tool between doctors and other staff in a dentistry clinic in Germany that’s hosted on a local network.
The Dr. Holzner building is a dentistry clinic with 2 floors and 16 different zones. The doctors were searching for an easy-to-use tool for their communications between rooms during the treatment, essential announcements and playing local radio stations through installed speakers. First thing first, an understandable design covering all the features for this particular user who need the app while treating the patients was critical. We simplified the app into two pages: the main page for internal communications and announcements, and a secured control panel for controlling radio feature.
For the development stage, a powerful technical solution was necessary to ensure smooth operations. The backbone of our application was the network and we had to implement the project on the local network remotely. We tried to demonstrate a logical solution on a cloud server before implementing on the local network, at the end we performed frequent testing cycles to make sure about high fidelity sound coverage.